Making Your Bathroom More Luxurious

Bathroom improvement are common projects in homes. A bathroom can be as unique as possible since the improvement ideas are endless. While some will prefer a Jacuzzi, there are others that will prefer a standalone bathtub. If you are planning to improve your current bathroom, and we mean more than a simple shower repair, then here are some design ideas to make yours look more luxurious. 

Mood and Shower Lighting

It’s a great idea to soften the mood in your bathroom. Having different light sources will add glamour to the space and especially if there is an illuminated mirror. The good thing about mood lighting is that there are many options in the market. 

Install Modern Shower

A wall mount shower head makes a significant difference in a home. You can install one to improve your bathroom. Consider a wall mounted shower head, Jacuzzi and massage jets. You can also transform the space into a steam room whenever you need it. 

Consider Natural Stone

A natural stone in the bathroom creates some uniqueness and visual beauty. While looking for ways to improve your bathroom, you should choose this stone wisely. Don’t go for the cheapest or most expensive but consider the quality and affordability. There are different types of stones that will suit the design of the space.

Heated Towel Radiators

This is a great way to make your bathroom more luxurious. One advantage of adding this to the space is you do not have to worry about feeling cold after taking a shower and you step out. The towel will be comfortably warm. The other advantage of having the heated radiator is that it adds up as a storage space for your towels. 

Choose Neutral Shades for Paint

Being trendy is good but how long will the patterns and color remain trendy? Neutral colors will go well with any bathroom design and the good thing is they don’t get outdated fast. Metallic, white, grey and black make great options in this case. You can also use different colors on the walls and the ceiling while adding some metallic accents.

Your bathroom can be as luxurious as the one you saw in a hotel and there are many ideas to make it so. Consider having heated radiators, installing a modern shower, mood lighting, using neutral colors to paint and having a natural stone that matches the theme of the bathroom. With this, it becomes easy to significantly upgrade the space.

Simple Ways to Achieve an Ocean Themed Bathroom

Improving your bathroom is one of the major projects you can do in your home despite the room being a small one. If you are planning to boost the appearance and the feel of your bathroom, an ocean theme would be of significant help. How can you achieve this without going beyond your budget? How creative you can make a huge difference in the outcome.

  • Use Accessories that Are Available at the Beach

Did you know that there are plenty of items that you can collect in the ocean to decorate your bathroom? This will be inexpensive but you must find accessories that combine well. You can opt for shells, corals and even sand itself.

  • Use Ocean Related Items in the Bathroom

From wastebaskets, soap dishes particularly those that are shell-shaped, towels to bath mats, there are many bathroom accessories that are ocean-themed out there. They will complete the look that you desire if used properly. The good thing is that these are items that are available in the market today.

  • Paint in the Ocean Colors

Ocean colors vary from blue, tan to green and using these colors to paint the bathroom will bring out an ocean theme. However, this must be done by a professional for the outcome to be perfect. If it is not done properly, getting an ocean themed bathroom will remain as a dream.

  • Use Ocean Themed Shower Curtains

Your shower curtain has a big effect on the appearance of the bathroom. You can opt for a beach or an ocean theme. Whether you opt to have a beach scene, a shower curtain with marine life pictures or an ocean scene, you can achieve this. It highly depends on the appearance that you desire and the mood that you want to create.

  • Hang Ocean Themed Mural

If you have some spare space for painting, get an ocean-themed mural. You can paint or purchase one. This works well when your bathroom is large and the mural goes well with the overall theme of the bathroom.

Achieving an ocean themed bathroom is not as complicated as it may sound. Whether you are focusing on a master or a child’s bathroom, there are many options to bring out a dream bathroom. There is an assortment of accessories both in stores and at the ocean to create such a bathroom. Giving it your own personality and being creative matters a lot in this.

Tips to Keep in Mind When Remodeling a Basement

To transform a basement, it requires more than just quality materials. Basements have a tendency of becoming moldy and sometimes they get flooded. This becomes a nightmare for the inhabitants of the home and a risk to the property. The basement should be remodeled to transform it into a decent place. This creates a conducive environment and increases the value of the home.

·         Install Windows and Stairways

When moisture gets into the basement, this is when you start dealing with mold and mildew. Just because it is in the lower part of your house and it is rarely used, it does not mean that it should be cold, dark and wet. This can be prevented by installing stairways, window wells, and airtight windows.

·         Crown Molding and Drop Ceiling

Basement sagging is a problem that homeowners have to deal with. This is a problem that happens when joist ends and sills are damaged. If this is a problem you are facing, there are basement finishing techniques that can help. A preferred option is to install crown molding and drop ceiling.

·         Waterproofing

Waterproofing is paramount when remodeling a basement. There are three main methods of doing this which includes interior, drainage, and exterior waterproofing. Using all the three methods is highly recommended if you are to prevent flooding.

If you want to keep water out from the inside, interior waterproofing is the best option while to keep water out of the basement from the outside, exterior waterproofing is excellent. It is also crucial that the drainage system is in good condition.

·         Reseal the Basement

This is not a cheap way to deal with big cracks in your basement as you will have to spend over 2,000 dollars but it is the easiest way. Whether the cracks are small or huge, they need to be sealed to avoid costly repairs. With open cracks, it becomes easier for the basement to be moldy, pests and dangerous gasses could find their way inside. Resealing the basement properly will prevent this from happening while at the same time blocking water.

Remodeling a basement is part of an important home improvement plan. If you are to prevent flooding, pest infestation, stale air, sagging, and mold, it’s important that these finishing techniques are considered. This can be done by installing airtight windows, waterproofing, drop ceiling and resealing cracks.

Ways of Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home

Adding curb appeal to your home does not have to involve a major upgrade, but you can do it partly. Renovating and upgrading your home gives it a curb appeal and you feel more comfortable as things are done as per your preferences. There are various ways that you can increase the value of your home. 

Upgrade Your Roof

Your roof is an important part of your home not only because it keeps your family from elements, but it also adds a curb appeal. Imagine a house without a roof or a roof that is so poor in condition! A roof significantly determines how your home appears. As you upgrade your home, this is one of the sectors that should not be overlooked.

Get a roofer to inspect the roof and have any damages repaired. The gutter system should also be cleaned, fixed and a gutter guard installed. If it’s in a poor condition, it can be restored or replaced depending on the damage. 

Work on Your Garden and Landscape

Appreciate what Mother Nature has to offer and you will be amazed by how much difference this can make. Have a good plan for the garden, plant varieties of different plants, use proper lighting and even have a small fountain. Work on the landscape and don’t shy away from showcasing your creativity. You can even have an expert design it for you if you don’t trust your ideas. 

Don’t Forget the Entrance

This is the first thing that your visitors will see before they can get into the house. You may not be concerned about other doors, but do not overlook the effect the front door will have on your visitors. If it’s in good condition, you can instead give it a fresh coat of paint keeping the theme of your home in mind. While still at the entrance, don’t upgrade door while the floor is in a dilapidated condition. Upgrade the entire area. 

Upgrade the Lighting

The lighting in your home may not make much difference during the day but it can do so at night. From the lights in the house, the security lighting to the garden lighting, they can improve the curb appeal of your home. Talk to an electrician who can advise about lighting and things you can do to make it better. Solar garden lights will do well on a path while your drive way and porch should be well-lit. 

Whether you want to undertake a huge home improvement project or you want to do it little by little, there are a lot of things that you can do. Being creative and seeking guidance will be a great way to improve the curb appeal of your home while at the same time increasing its value. 

Ways you can create a Luxurious Laundry Room

As a homeowner, you want every part of your home to be appealing and luxurious. Whether you do the laundry yourself or someone does it on your behalf, you can make the room beautiful. It will be more fun to wash your stuff and iron clothes at the same time. You do not have to break the bank to create a laundry room that you have always wanted.

Install Quality Cabinets

Something that is luxurious is made of good quality. As your handyman installs cabinets and hampers, focus on quality and a good design. The cabinets should be in plenty to ensure that your stuff is not lying everywhere in the room. In addition to this, you should have some laundry sorters.

Have Ample Lighting

Lighting makes a huge difference in how a room appears. Good lighting in your laundry room improves its look and besides seeing things clearly, it will help you become more comfortable whenever you are in the room. You can install lighting one the ceiling, above countertops and under the cabinetry.

Do not Shy Away from Decor

Being creative with your decor boosts luxury. Include things such as decorative tins to store toiletries, paint the wall with some cool colors, have prints and even framed art. This will go a long way in making the room unique.

Incorporate a Mudroom Bench

Having a mudroom bench is a great idea that will turn that space into a luxurious room. This should not be just for your shoes but it can also be designed to keep bags, coats and umbrellas. Thus it should have lockers, cubbies, shelves and cabinets. This will keep the room well organized.

Have a Folding Zone

A luxurious laundry room has a folding zone that is equipped with a well-designed folding table.  The folding zone should be close to cupboards for clean clothes and hanging rods. This will make it easy to get dry clothes and fold them. In addition to the folding area, you should also have an ironing area.

Be Prepared to Deal With Stains

As the shoes, carpets and clothes get cleaned, there is a chance that the floor and the walls of the laundry room will be stained. Stained will definitely make your laundry room ugly. Prevent this by having effective stain removers in the room. Remove the stains as soon as they occur.

As you make your laundry room luxurious, do not forget the practicality of the design. You can layout the room the way you prefer as long as you consider this. There is a lot that you can include in the room such as a niece carpet, bulletin boards for laundry codes, rolling carts and different appliances.