7 Easy DIY Backyard Decoration Ideas

When decorating your house, it’s always important to remember to decorate the backyard as well. Most people end up neglecting the backyard, failing to see that it is an extension of their house and its almost endless possibilities for decoration.

Here are just some of the things that you can do to keep your backyard beautiful:

Turn an old crib into an outdoor sofa

If you still have your child’s old crib gathering dust in the attic, why don’t you try giving it a second life as an outdoor sofa? This will make an eye catching piece in your backyard, perfect for quiet and peaceful outdoor dinners with friends and family. Just clean it up, place some cushions and pillows, and it’s good to go. It’s best you don’t repaint it, so it has this vintage look.

Build the wind chime out of bottle caps

If you frequently throw parties (or if you simply just love bottled soda), chances are you have a ton of bottle caps. Try linking them together with a chain and hanging them as wind chimes. We can’t guarantee it’ll sound as good as the chimes you get from the store, but we can assure you that it’ll be much more charming.

Build the wind chime out of old keys

If you’re not a fan of the idea of repurposing old bottle caps into a wind chime, then maybe you should start looking for old keys to use instead. Paint them different colors for a playful look and hang them wherever you like.

Use beaded hanging planters

Don’t just use boring, plain old rope. Sling beads together to form pretty planters that’ll complement the plants they hold.

Use glow-in-the-dark pebbles to fill walkway cracks

Here are a fun and simple trick. Paint pebbles with glow-in-the-dark paint and fill your walkway cracks with them. Not only will it be a helpful guide for your guests during evening parties, but it’ll also give your garden a magical glow.

Add mirrors to your garden to make it look bigger

It’s true we don’t see mirrors in gardens too often – well, maybe now we should. Mirrors can make your garden look bigger, and can also add greenery in places where you otherwise can’t paint on. Just make sure to clean and polish them regularly to fully achieve the desired effect.

Build your own rope swing

Kids these days are so caught up with technology and social media that they are slowly forgetting the simple pleasures of life. Build them a rope swing to introduce (or re-introduce) the simple joy and thrill of being launched into the air.

Home Renovations to Protect Against Severe Weather

As a homeowner, one of the best things you can do is investing in home improvement projects that not only improve your home’s curb appeal but also contribute to your home’s safety and security. No matter where you live, you know that homes face the risk of damage from natural elements and extreme weather conditions. It’s, therefore, crucial that your home remains protected and safe both in the interior and exterior. Here is a handful of ways you can improve your home’s strength and durability while also protecting it from natural elements like high winds, harsh snow, and storms.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

If there’s a part of your home that should never be ignored is the roof. It’s one of your biggest investment and the most important structures in your house. To make sure your roof functions correctly and serves you well, hire a professional roofing expert to inspect and repair any issues. Always watch out for any problems that may need fixing. The safety and durability of your home depend on the state of your roof. If the integrity of your roofing system is compromised your family won’t be safe. Always hire a professional contractor to inspect, maintain, and repair your roof especially after a storm, high winds or any other severe weather.

Use Sturdy Doors and reinforced Windows.

We’ve all witnessed the level of damage severe weather conditions can cause to the interior and exterior of a home. Installing reinforced windows as well as storm doors could help protect your home. Most homes are more susceptible to damage through the areas around the door and windows. If your home’s windows and doors are warped, cracked or seem to be deteriorating, it’s time you inspected them for leaks. Hire a professional to fix the leaks and if possible replace your doors and windows with materials that will provide you with long-term stability.

Consider Creating a Storm Shelter in your Home

Once you’re done reinforcing your doors and windows, it’s time to protect your family and any other person inside your home. Create a storm shelter that will serve as a safe area for your family in case of severe weather conditions such as a tornado or a hurricane. This area should be away from house openings such as the windows. The basement is often considered the safest place in any home. That means you should avoid installing windows. Other areas that can provide safety include sturdy tubs and a bathtub.