Home renovation projects that require a permit

Before the renovation of your home, you may wonder if are going to need a permit before pressing on. The nature of your project will determine to a large extent if your home is going going to need a permit or not. In some regions, a permit is needed before any major renovation can be carried out. Government organizations want to make sure that the changes in your home are recorded.

That said. The question that is likely going to be running through your mind is- how do I determine if a renovation project is going to require a permit? Well, you don’t have to worry yourself too much thinking about that question. The contractors you are going to employ to renovate your home are abreast with the kind of project that is going to require a permit.  The general rule is that all electrical, plumbing and mechanical work is going to require a permit. But there is other important information you need to be abreast with before pressing on.

Fencing installation

Before installing a fence in your home or property, it is important for you to check the height restriction in your country. In some region, there is a particular height that a fence has to reach. The best way to go about finding out more about the restrictions governing fencing in your region is to contact your contractor and have him check for such restrictions. If you fail to do this, you are definitely going to be asked to take down your fence or to reduce its height.

Widow installation

If the new windows you are installing in your home or office is bigger than the previous one that was installed, you are going to need a permission to create bigger holes that will be able to accommodate your new them. You are also going to need a permit if you are cutting holes for skylight and doors.

Renovation your home without a permit

There are certain projects that are not going to need a permit before you can press on with them. The following are some home renovation project that does not need a permit.

  • Installing of flooring materials like hardwood
  • Wallpapering and painting
  • Installing new countertops
  • Landscaping work
  • Minor electrical repairs

If you are not really certain if you are going to need a permit for a renovation project or not, the best course of action will be to hire a professional who is well versed in the laws governing home renovation in your region.